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Heikal, Egypt’s most famous journalist, dies at 92

Heikal, Egypt’s most famous journalist, dies at 92 Muhammad Hassanein Heikal was well-recognised for his distinguished career in journalism and political experience. Salah Nasrawi Muhammad Hassanein Heikal, a leading Egyptian journalist, author, television celebrity, politician and a noted authority on modern Middle East whose work brought him worldwide fame and influence, died on Wednesday, aged […]

Beyond Al-Jazeera

Beyond Al-Jazeera The Cairo-Doha dispute goes much deeper than the anti-Egyptian media blitz being orchestrated by Qatar, writes Salah Nasrawi The day a Cairo court ordered two Al-Jazeera journalists accused of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood to be released on bail, the Qatar-owned network aired secretly taped recordings of conversations between Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and […]