The Iraqi disease

Iraq’s new prime minister may succeed in forming a government, but he will have to operate within narrow bounds, writes Salah Nasrawi With a constitutional deadline fast approaching, efforts to form a new government in Iraq have hit a snag amid rising sectarian tensions and a continued struggle for power. The impasse comes as government forces […]

Can IS be defeated?

It will take more than a new government in Iraq and US military prowess to stop IS, writesSalah Nasrawi In July 2011, as US combat troops were preparing to leave Iraq, Al-Qaeda put up a spectacular show of force in the heart of Baghdad. Its militants attacked a military checkpoint, killing 16 soldiers and setting […]

Kurds benefit from IS rise

  The IS thrust in northern Iraq may help the Kurds turn the threats to their enclave into political gains, writes Salah Nasrawi The decision by US President Barack Obama to launch airstrikes in Iraq against the Islamic State (IS) following its advance into Kurdish-controlled territories has raised eyebrows, particularly after Washington’s reluctance to use force […]

Iraq’s Sunni dilemma

The bloody takeover of their cities by Islamist forces has sparked soul-searching among Iraqi Sunnis, writes Salah Nasrawi In an opinion article in the New York Times last month, two Iraqi Sunni leaders wrote that America’s support for the Iraqi Sunnis was crucial and urged the US administration to appoint “a senior American official to reach […]