Iraq’s ultimate deadlock

A new Iraqi leadership may not succeed in holding the country’s fissiparous communities together, writes Salah Nasrawi Even as the countdown to select a new Iraqi leadership began this week, doubts remained about whether a new government would be able to turn the beleaguered nation away from the abyss which threatens the country’s very existence. Iraq […]

Beyond Kurdistan’s independence

  The Kurds’ endeavours for a national home may be reaching culmination, but the future remains uncertain, writes Salah Nasrawi Over the last few weeks, Iraq’s Kurds have been consolidating their power by grabbing more land and oil resources in northern Iraq, taking advantage of the political turmoil and an escalating Shia-Sunni conflict. The Iraqi […]

Winning power, losing Iraq

  With their hard-won empowerment under threat, Iraqi Shia now realize that it takes more than being in office to keep Iraq intact, writes Salah Nasrawi in the third of a three-part series on Iraq’s key communities in post-Saddam Iraq.   During some of the darker moments of their struggle to topple the Sunni-dominated regime of Saddam […]

Iraqi Sunnis’ choice

As their rebellion continues to capture the headlines, the question remains what Iraqi Sunnis are up to.In the second of a three-part series , Salah Nasrawi explores how Iraq’s key communities’ have forged their positions and perspectives in post-Saddam Iraq.      “Most of the Sunni leaders were living in another world. They were in a weird state of denial. […]