Kurds write Iraq’s last chapterAs the Shia-Sunni standoff escalates in Iraq, the country’s Kurds are celebrating their divorce from Iraq, writes Salah Nasrawi When former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein sent his troops to invade neighbouring Kuwait on 2 August 1990, many Iraqis feared that their eccentric leader had plunged into a new adventure that would […]

Iraq dismemberedThe fall of the Sunni triangle to rebels in Iraq has raised fears of the remapping of the country, writes Salah Nasrawi “This is a regional problem, and it is going to be a long-term problem,” said US President Barack Obama in his concluding remarks to a policy statement made last week on the […]

Massive flare-up in Iraq Iraq’s Sunnis are moving towards a new phase in the anti-government insurgency, writes Salah Nasrawi As efforts to form a new Iraqi government stumble, Sunni rebels in the country have expanded their campaign in several Sunni-dominated provinces in what seems to be an integrated guerrilla offensive to topple Baghdad’s Shia-led government. Sunni […]

The Iraq Inquiry fiasco Blocking full disclosure of information submitted to the UK Chilcot Inquiry will close a window onto the war crimes caused by the US-led invasion of Iraq, writes Salah Nasrawi A deal announced last week to block essential documents in a British inquiry into the invasion of Iraq in 2003 has come […]