No friends for Iraq As this week’s Arab summit sidestepped Iraq‘s quagmire, Iran and the United States were getting ready to step in, writes Salah Nasrawi For months Iraqhas been in turmoil as political wrangles and grave sectarian violence continue to grip the country. A general election is due in few weeks and many fear that […]

The enemy next door Desperate to win a third term in office, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki is turning up the rhetoric against his neighbours, writes Salah Nasrawi Last week, Iraq’s Shia Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki invited dozens of foreign representatives for a conference in Baghdad in a bid to enlist international support for his government’s […]

An Iraqi Don Quixote The Iraqi prime minister was once a novice politician who rose to national prominence only to lead his country into tilting at windmills, writes Salah Nasrawi ]In the eight years since he took the post of Iraqi prime minister, Nuri Al-Maliki has won a reputation for concentrating power in his hands […]

Welcome to Iraq’s Shia theocracy Plans by Iraq’s Shia-led government to institute Sharia family law have come under fire, writesSalah Nasrawi Iraq’s Shia-led government has drafted a family law for the country’s Shia majority that feminist activists and rights groups say will impose an Iranian-style theocracy, violate women’s rights and sow further divisions in a […]