Not such a trusted friend A row over the naming of Iraq’s Kurdish parties on a US terrorist list indicates hidden conflicts, writes Salah Nasrawi In yet another twist in the on-and-off relationship between the Iraqi Kurds and the United States, Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani has cancelled a trip to Washington, apparently in anger over Washington’s […]

Dangers of an Iraqi-Iranian border deal A new border treaty with Iran has come as a test for Iraq’s leaders, writes Salah Nasrawi Iraq and Iran have been holding talks behind closed doors on a new border agreement that the two countries hope will end a decades-long dispute amid fears that Tehran holds the upper […]

Iraq’s poetry of defiance Iraqis are resorting to poetry and songs to vent their frustrations with those in power, writesSalah Nasrawi One video shows folk poets mocking vote-buying candidates. In another a poet is cheered by a huge crowd as he scorns corrupt politicians, and in a third a popular singer laments Iraq’s decay in […]

Iraq’s unwinnable war Fighting in Anbar province is putting ever-greater strain on Iraq’s political and sectarian tensions, writes Salah  As Iraqi security forces backed by their Sunni tribesmen allies battled anti-government rebels in Ramadi and Fallujah in Anbar province this week, violence continued to soar in Baghdad and many other cities across Iraq. The surge […]