Doubts over Iraq’s peace plan Even before the fanfare has died down, Iraq’s new peace plan has turned into a damp squib, writes Salah Nasrawi A document for peace signed by Iraq’s rival politicians last week suggested that there were signs of a thaw in the tense relationships between the country’s feuding communities. Taken at face […]

Electoral uncertainty in Iraqi Kurdistan Iraqi Kurdistan is bracing itself for crucial elections next week that could reshape the political landscape, writes Salah Nasrawi Voters across the autonomous Kurdish enclave in northern Iraq are going to the polls for parliamentary elections on Saturday amid mounting tensions, uncertainty and allegations of irregularities. The elections are expected to […]

Iraq’s forgotten lesson Even when the country begs questions about the anticipated US strike on Syria, the real lesson of Iraq has been forgotten, writes Salah Nasrawi As the drums of war are being beaten again, the debate over whether the United States should bomb Syria is increasingly being overshadowed by the fiasco of the Iraq […]

Khomeini haunts Iraq Posters of Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini in Baghdad spark grim memories of the Iran-Iraq war and stoke fears of rising Iranian influence, writes Salah Nasrawi In the history of Iraq’s fragmented and dysfunctional parliament, brawls are not uncommon. The Iraqi House of Representatives is well known for its fiery debate, sometimes leading to […]