Iraq’s constitutional limbo

Iraq’s constitutional limbo Systematic disregard for the constitution says a lot about Iraq’s flawed political system, writes Salah Nasrawi Iraq’s post-Saddam Hussein constitution was once billed as second to none in the region. It was drafted to reflect the Iraqis’ aspirations for freedom and justice and to craft a power-sharing democracy that would replace one […]

Iraq eyes US to fight insurgents

Iraq eyes US to fight insurgents Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki’s desire for US military help to fight the Sunni insurgency could prove tricky for both Baghdad and Washington, writes Salah Nasrawi Nearly two years after the United States withdrew its last troops from Iraq, Baghdad is seeking Washington’s help for its fledgling security forces […]

Iraq’s loathed leadership Contempt for Iraq’s post-Saddam leaders is now stronger than ever, writes Salah Nasrawi Bloodshed and chaos have been sweeping Iraq since the United States withdrew its last troops from the country in December 2011. Iraq is now in complete disarray as a result, with some saying that the country now no longer […]

More salary, less work Fed up with their greed and incompetence, Iraqis have been taking aim at their lawmakers, writes Salah Nasrawi Disgruntled and feeling betrayed by their politicians who have failed to end the country’s violent streak and its political turmoil, Iraqis are redirecting massive criticism against their lawmakers whose corruption and inefficiency are seen […]