Threats to Kurdish democracy The leader of Iraqi Kurdistan has been extending his rule as the autonomous region fumbles its way towards democracy, writes Salah Nasrawi The problems faced by Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region have been mounting recently, with worries that its leader, Massoud Barzani, is cancelling the presidential elections in autumn and is set […]

  What about Iraqi federalism? Roughly 10 years after it was declared a federal state, Iraq is not yet on course to become a stable, peaceful and united nation, writes Salah Nasrawi   Iraq’s parliament is expected to debate divisive laws soon that could escalate the struggle over power, territory and resources among the country’s […]

قوة الحشود

قوة الحشود صلاح النصراوى الاهرام 6 يوليو 2013 في معرض احد تعليقاته الأخيرة حول الانتقادات الموجهة لادارته بشأن طريقة تعاملها مع تطورات الاوضاع في مصر علي ضوء خروج الملايين من المصريين المطالبين برحيل رئيسهم قال الرئيس الامريكي باراك اوباما ان سياسة الولايات المتحدة الخارجية لا تتغير بالاستناد الي عدد الرؤوس المشاركة بمسيرات التظاهر. كلام اوباما, بطبيعة […]

Iraq’s early celebrations

Iraq’s early celebrations Even if Iraq manages finally to exit from the sanctions imposed after the first Gulf War, their wrecking effects will live on for generations to come, writes Salah Nasrawi Shortly after the news came through from the UN Security Council last week that its 15 members had decided unanimously to ease some of […]