Towards an Iraqi Spring? Can Iraq’s Sunnis fulfil their goals without taking up arms against the country’s Shia-led government, asks Salah Nasrawi For some six weeks, Iraqi Sunnis have kept their anti-government protests peaceful by trying to air their grievances and press their demands while distancing themselves from violent insurgency groups such as former Iraqi […]

Change of landscape in Iraq? Iraqi Sunni protesters have rejected concessions offered by the country’s Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki and are pushing hard to change the political landscape, writes Salah Nasrawi Angered by Iraq’s Shia-led government’s procrastination in ending what they consider to be their marginalisation and the exclusion of their sect, the country’s minority […]

                                                          الربيع العربي بين اليأس والأمل       بقلم: صلاح النصراوى خلال الايام القليلة القادمة سيقف الكثيرون من العرب لكي يتأمل كل منهم في ذاته في ذكري الوثبات […]

No culture of rape in Iraq? Sunni uproar over their alleged mistreatment has highlighted the tragedy of women raped in Iraq, writes Salah Nasrawi For nearly a month now, Iraqi Sunni Arabs have been pouring into the streets across the country to protest against what they perceive as their unjust share in the country’s wealth […]

                                                          بيان تدخل القضية العراقية مع عام 2013 وبعد عشر سنوات من الغزو الامريكي منعطفا جديدا بسبب تفاقم الصراعات السياسية المستمرة والتهديدات بالتصعيد العسكري بين الاطراف المتنازعة والانهيار […]