Widening divisions in Iraq The Iraqi Kurds and the country’s Shia-led government have postponed their fight over disputed areas, but the divide is sharpening, writes Salah Nasrawi The political divide in Iraq is widening as Kurdish leaders continue their criticism of Shia Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki despite efforts to defuse tensions following a military stand-off […]

                              في الصميم                        تحليلات ومتابعات                هل نرى العراق قريبا دولة ممانعة؟                                     […]

Genocide and the Kurds Iraq’s Kurds want the world to recognise the mass murders their community suffered under the former Saddam regime as genocide, writes Salah Nasrawi Nearly 25 years after the gassing of Kurds in Iraq‘s northern town of Halabja, Iraqi Kurds have begun a worldwide campaign for the massacre of their people during […]